Task management done right


Chaos Control for Windows PC

Perfect personal project management tool for your PC

We are happy to introduce a full-featured desktop app that does everything you expect from Chaos Control: handling your goals, task management, setting reminders, planning and much more. This is a perfect tool for improving your productivity and organization. And that's exactly what PCs are made for, right?

The desktop format is perfect for the "tree" navigation which helps you to categorize your goals using folders. Please note that you can create nested folders to make your project structure more convenient, (e.g. Business->Development, Business->Marketing, etc.)
Here is an example of a set of goals for an imaginary startup website. Note that the PC app shows more information about each goal than a mobile app. Cool, huh?
Each goal, with a corresponding task/action list, forms a project. Generally it's a good idea to write down every complex task as a project and divide it into simple one-step actions
By setting start and due dates you can define your daily schedule and manage it with the convenient Daily Plan menu
If you're a hardcore GTD fan you can use context lists to organize your tasks not only by goals, but also in different ways, like places, tools, people, etc.
And just in case you need to quickly capture a note, idea or task there is a special place for that: Chaos Box. It lets your save all your incoming records so that you can process them later:
Of course you can sync all the data with our iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows Phone apps. You can read more about supported platforms here.

P.S. We also have a separate Windows RT tablet app. If you bought it, you can get this PC app for free, (and vice versa). Email your receipt to us to get the license for the second app.