Chaos Control 1.7 for Android and iOS is live!

Great news! We finally finished the next big update of Chaos Control for Android and iOS. Version 1.7 brings you more detailed and more structured view of your data.

First of all, Daily Plan and Context lists now show you project names under each task. That really helps if you have several identical tasks in different projects. You can disable this feature in the Settings menu if you prefer the old style of lists:

Note that each list now has expandable sections. For example, completed tasks and projects are now listed under the "Completed" section:


Did you notice that we now show both start and end date/time for each task? Sweet, isn't it? Also, in this new version you can customize the notification sounds and change default start/end time setting:


Additionally the Android app widget now shows the "Also Available" section:

We hope you like the new update. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Have a productive day!

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
14 September 2016

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