Chaos Control for PC and Mac is updated to v.1.3

With this update we are focusing on a new feature: App Passcode. It is used to protect your Chaos Control data from unsolicited access similarly to how your sim-card or phone pin-code works:

Chaos Control passcode

This feature is particularly useful if you're sharing your PC or Mac with colleagues or family members. To activate the feature go to the settings menu, set your passcode and you are good to go:

Also in this update:
- Finally, projects can be copied with all the contents
- Search results are now highlighted for better readability
- Improved navigation buttons (back/forward)
- Multiple selection and sorting in the navigation panel
- A lot of various UI and UX improvements

Have a productive day!

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
15 November 2017

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