Chaos Control for PC and Mac is updated to v.1.2

With this update of the desktop version of Chaos Control we are making the first step towards integration with calendar services.

Chaos Control for Windows

That said, in the Mac version of the app you can now set up automatic export of Chaos Control tasks to your iCloud calendar or Google Calendar. Just link your iCloud or Google Calendar account in the settings menu and you're good to go:

Same with Chaos Control for Windows: set up automatic export to Google Calendar or Outlook calendar to plan your day using one of these services.

Why do I need to export my tasks to calendar?
Automatic task export to calendar is probably one of the most popular features our business-focused customers requested. And now you can finally plan your meetings and daily tasks all in one place. Not to mention some useful functionality calendar has to offer. Like adding invitees and custom reminders.

And even if you're not using calendar that often, we still recommend setting up an integration. Yes, Daily Plan lets you organize your day, but additional timeline visualization definitely won't hurt:

How does automatic export work?
Well, pretty straightforward. As soon as you link your preferred calendar service in the Settings menu, all your tasks with end dates will be exported to your calendar. There are some additional export options available:

Please note that the export only works one way: from Chaos Control to calendar. That means that you will see Chaos Control tasks on your calendar but you won't see calendar events in Chaos Control (at least for now). So don't hesitate to edit exported tasks in your calendar. For example, feel free to move a task/event into different time slot or delete it altogether. That won't affect your Chaos Control data.

Have a productive week! We hope you like the update.

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
17 October 2017

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