Chaos Control for Mac is updated to v.1.1!

With this big update we are introducing a new UI and various UX-related features which improve your task management experience with Chaos Control:

Chaos Control for Mac

Here is how it looks:

Also, you can now choose a color theme:

Here are some of the new features:

You can finally set reminders for your tasks. Please note that reminders don't sync across devices at this point. We are adding cross-device reminders sync in upcoming updates:

Quick Edit
Change a task metadata without opening the "edit task" dialog. Want to change a date? Just click on it and set a new one. Same with projects and contexts:

Quick Jump to Project/Context
While viewing a task list, double-click on a project/context name to open this project/context:

Various Improvements
1) Daily Plan now shows all future instances of recurring tasks
2) You can switch off the "Also available" section in Daily Plan
3) Various drag and drop improvements
4) Daily Plan icon now shows an actual date
5) Notes contents now also participate in Search
6) Multiple selection and bulk deletion

Also, we are switching to a new development schedule, so more updates to come. And that is awesome!

Let us know what you think about the new look and feel!

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
August 29th 2017

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