Introducing Art Break!

While we are busy crafting a new generation of Chaos Control apps, let’s talk about our new little app called Chaos Control: Art Break. This is a very cool drawing tool designed to improve your daily productivity:

Art Break app

Yes, you got it right. A drawing productivity app. Weird, huh? As it turns out, not so much. Think of Chaos Control: Art Break as a fun alternative to meditation. Or you may consider it to be a drawing tool created specifically to relax your mind. Either way, anytime you’re feeling stressed, worn out or in need of a break, try doodling with this app. What you will experience is the pure pleasure of creating beautiful shapes with simple strokes. Unique drawing tools allow you to create impressive sketches in a matter of seconds. Just check it out:

So within minutes you can fashion quite sophisticated drawings even if you’ve never considered yourself artistic. Have a look:

Now, imagine how fulfilling it would be to create something beautiful so quickly. Your energy level goes up, your self-esteem skyrockets and you feel ready to do pretty much anything! This is exactly why we created Chaos Control: Art Break. To give you a way to boost your productivity while having some fun.

Chaos Control: Art Break is available for free on iOS and Android so go ahead and download it right now!

For more info about the app, its use cases and screenshots please go to the app page.

P.S. Follow us on Instagram and post your drawings with the #ArtBreakApp hashtag! We will publish the best pictures on our website and social media.

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
April 26th 2017

Links and resources:
App webpage
Art Break for iOS
Art Break for Android