Meet Chaos Control for Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that Chaos Control is now available on Apple Watch! With this project, our goal was to create a simple companion to the iPhone app which would be actually useful on your wrist.

While Chaos Control for iOS lets you handle your personal projects and context lists, its Apple Watch companion simply shows you Due Today and Due Tomorrow task lists. This basic functionality is all you need on your wrist 90% of the time during a busy day. And now you don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket to see what's next!

You can open any task, see its details and mark it as done. Alternatively, you can move a task from Due Today to Due Tomorrow (unfortunately that's something we always do, moving a task to tomorrow) or vise versa:

Apple Watch notifications are quite useful too. When a notification pops up, you can see the full details of the task, mark it as done, postpone it or simply close the notification:

And that's it! The app is extremely simple, but that's something what makes it so useful on Apple Watch. Check it out and we hope you like it!

Dmitriy Tarasov, founder of Chaos Control

Links and resources:
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PR contact:
Dmitriy Tarasov

14 July 2015