Chaos Control for Android is updated with Material Design and new features.
Well, sort of…

Last week Google was generous enough to include Chaos Control for Android in the selection of the best new and updated apps on Google Play:

While we are extremely happy about this, it reminded us that we haven't done any app promotion to support the update (been too busy doing some real work, you know). So here we go, let's talk a little bit about the features of the latest update, which seems to be well-received by Google.

Material Design

So the most important feature of 1.6 is the new UI made with Material Design in mind. The app looks better (finally!), cleaner and more Android than ever: Material Design is all about simplicity, so folder and project lists look uncluttered, clean and… well, nice:

Same with any task list:

Oh, and check out the navigation drawer! It is always nice to add some fun into all this boring task management stuff:

Anyway, we hope you like the new UI/UX!


Yes, it's finally here. No need to manually press the Sync button to perform cloud sync anymore. The app does it automatically. Epic success!

Updated Notifications

That's something Chaos Control has always struggled with, but with this update we have taken a huge step forward. Now you can create up to 14 different reminders for any task. Want to be reminded 15 minutes before the start date? No problem. 3 hours before deadline? No problem.

Also, you can postpone a notification or mark a task as completed within the notification dialog. Nothing fancy, but useful:

Updated widget

Just look at it. Beautiful, right?

Android Wear support

The Android Wear companion has been improved also. Handle your Due Today and Due Tomorrow lists on your wrist, add new tasks using voice recognition and manage notifications. This app alone is a good reason why Android Wear watch is actually a useful thing

Other improvements

We’ve added a lot of tiny modifications which may seem insignificant at first, but they’ll improve your productivity in the long term. We hope that you like the update!

Have a productive day and thanks for using our app!

Dmitriy Tarasov, Founder of Chaos Control
16 July 2015

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