26 April 2017

Introducing Art Break!

While we are busy crafting a new generation of Chaos Control apps, let’s talk about our new little app called Chaos Control: Art Break. This is a very cool drawing tool designed to improve your daily productivity:

Art Break app


14 September 2016

Chaos Control 1.7 for Android and iOS is live!

Great news! We finally finished the next big update of Chaos Control for Android and iOS. Version 1.7 brings you more detailed and more structured view of your data.


25 January 2016

Chaos Control for Mac is live!

We've been waiting for this so long! Chaos Control for Mac is available for purchase. And it has been featured by Apple on the main page of the iTunes! Isn't that awesome?


25 December 2015

Chaos Control for Mac release date and pre-order

Great news! The official Chaos Control for Mac release date is January 21st!
As soon as it's live the app will cost $19.99. However, you can pre-order it now and save 50%! Please use this link to claim your license for just $9.99 and we will send you the app on January 21st.


23 December 2015

Meet the Windows version of Chaos Control!

We are happy to introduce Chaos Control for Windows PC! This is a full-featured desktop app that does everything you expect from Chaos Control: handling your goals, task management, setting reminders, planning and much more. Definitely a perfect tool for improving your productivity and organization.


16 July 2015

Chaos Control for Android is updated with Material Design and new features. Well, sort of…

Last week Google was generous enough to include Chaos Control for Android in the selection of the best new and updated apps on Google Play. While we are extremely happy about this, it reminded us that we haven't done any app promotion to support the update (been too busy doing some real work, you know). So here we go, let's talk a little bit about the features of the latest update.


14 July 2015

Meet Chaos Control for Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that Chaos Control is now available on Apple Watch! With this project, our goal was to create a simple companion to the iPhone app which would be actually useful on your wrist.