Chaos Control

Chaos Control method

Do you know any businessperson, artist or politician who became successful just by using a To-Do list, a calendar app or a time management methodology? People don't achieve impressive results simply by being good at task management. It's the ability to set legitimate goals and prioritize that makes the difference.

Chaos Control was created to help you manage your goals and desired outcomes in both your business and personal life. Just write them down to make them real. This simple technique helps you to prioritize your goals before acting on them. Each desired result makes a Project:

Each Project is a combination of your goal and a corresponding list of actions. Clarify and write down your goals and then define actions needed to achieve each of them: 

Use folders to organize your projects into categories:

In the end you have your goals, tasks and schedules organized in such a way that you are aware of how each task affects the big picture. Use the Daily Plan menu and context task lists to plan your activities:

You can sync your projects and tasks across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android using the Chaos Control Sync feature.

Download Chaos Control: